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【Review】Hot spring “Suicho Kan” in Hokkaido 女性限定翠蝶館に泊まってみた♨

※Written in English & Japanese(英語&日本語) Hi I’m mi😃 I went to a hotspring Hotel Suichokan(翠蝶館) in Jozankei, Hokkaido. ...
✧English Blog✧

【Sapporo Food Guide】10 food you must eat in Hokkaido!! 【札幌グルメ10選】

Hello, I am mi. How are you?? Oh you are hungry?! Me either, I am always starving. For you, I'm going to introduce po...
✧English Blog✧

【Hokkaido Travel Guide】How many days is it necessary to see Hokkaido!? 北海道で楽しむには何日間必要か?

Konnichiwa~(Hello), Watashiwa(I am) mi(my name) desu(the end of a polite style word)! I'm going to introduce Hokkaido...

Mi Profile

Hello!! I am mi from Japan. mi is my nickname and also means "my" in Spanish. jajaja(=hahaha) It's my first tim...
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