【Sapporo Food Guide】10 food you must eat in Hokkaido!! 【札幌グルメ10選】

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Hello, I am mi. How are you?? Oh you are hungry?! Me either, I am always starving.

For you, I’m going to introduce popular food that you should eat in Hokkaido especially in Sapporo. Try to eat all of them please!

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10 food you must eat in Sapporo, Hokkaido!

I’m going to introduce it below. ★ is my recommended restaurant.

Kaisen Don (Raw seafood rice bowl) 海鮮丼

Kaisen Don is raw seafood rice bowl. Hokkaido is famous for fresh seafood, you must eat Kaisen Don if you come to Hokkaido. I know some friends who didn’t like some raw fish got to be able to eat them after they ate it in Hokkaido.

You might be able to find many restaurant that you can eat Kaisen Don. I recommend that you should eat it at some Fish Markets such as Jyogaiichiba in Sapporo and Sankaku ichiba in Otaru.


Kitano Gurumetei 北のグルメ亭 (at Jyogaiichiba)


Shobobanya庄坊番屋 (in Otaru) 


Jingisukan (Local style of lamb BBQ) ジンギスカン

Sapporo Beer Garden

Jingisukan is kind of BBQ with lamb, mutton, vegetables, and sometimes seafood. We usually eat it with beer!!


Sapporo Beer Gardenサッポロビール園  

Ramen ラーメン

Junren Kara Miso Ramen

Raman is kind of noodle. Soy source based Ramen is famous in Asahikawa, miso based Ramen in Sapporo, salt based Ramen in Hakodate.

Sapporo has lots of Ramen restaurants, among them I recommend some.


Sapporo Junren  さっぽろ純連  
Sumire  すみれ
Ramen Tetsuya  らーめんてつや    

There are lots of Ramen restaurants at Ramen Yokocho or Ramen kyowakoku in Sapporo. If you can’t choose one, you should go there!

Sushi 寿司

When it comes to Japan, we imagine Sushi, aren’t we?? I want you try Sushi train in Sapporo. You can pick Sushi you want eat from a rotating conveyor belt or order them to the staff. You can take away it as well.

Nagoyakatei  なごやか亭

Kobore Ikura

Nemuro Hanamaru根室花まる

Crab カニ

We call crab “Kani” in Japanese. You can see many carbs at fish markets or restaurants. It’s expensive but very tasty.


Kani Shogun  かに将軍
Kani Honke  かに本家

Soup Curry スープカレー


Soup Curry is originated in Sapporo. Basically you can choose spicy level. Don’t worry about that if you don’t like spicy food. Many kinds of vegetables and meat are in Soup Curry. It comes with rice.


Suage+  すあげ



Sapporo beer! サッポロビール

As you know Sapporo beer is necessary when speaking about Japan or Sapporo. Nowadays it is well-known in the world. You can drink it at most of restaurants or also you can buy it at convenience stores and supermarkets.

Soft serve ice cream ソフトクリーム

Hokkaido is famous for dairy products as well. That’s why soft serve ice cream is rich and creamy. Shime-parfait is Sapporo culture of eating a parfait after meal especially after dinner or drinking alcohol.



You can choose some flavor from various liqueurs, and pour it over the soft serve ice cream.

Penguindo  ペンギン堂  
Nanakamado  ななかま堂  

Melon メロン

Santa no Hige Melon+ice cream in Furano

Hokkaido Melon is sweet and flavorous.

Yubari Melon and Furano Melon are the most established in Japan.

All-you-can-eat 食べ放題


For greedy person like me, I suggest all-you-an-eat!! You can eat as much as you like!! Enjoy most of them at all-you-can-eat restaurant. Normally it costs 3,000~1,0000 yen depending on the menu.

Nanda  難陀


In September, Sapporo Autumn Fest is held in Sapporo. You can eat various Hokkaido food and drink wine and beer.


Are you more hungry than a while ago??

Let’s go to Sapporo to eat!!✈

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