Mi days。

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Happy New Year!!!!!! 2020!!!!!!!

This is the first article in 2020!! Long time no write this blog since last Christmas eve😖

I went to my hometown Hokkaido during New year’s holiday!! I ate a looooooot of delicious Japanese food and had a good time with my family, dog, and friends. I went snowboarding, too♪

I could get 1 week holiday on New Year even I started working a hotel. Basically New Year’s holiday is busy season for hotel. If I work as a regular staff(正社員), I couldn’t take a long holiday on New Year’s holiday, but I work as a temporary staff(派遣社員)  at the moment. In fact, the regular staffs couldn’t apply thier holiday on New Years holiday season… Most of them came to work as usuall. That’s why I don’t prefer to work as a regular staff any more. In addition, from this April, the law about temporary staffs will revise, the treatment such as wages will be better than now.

Regarding my hobby, I began hot yoga finally! Nevertheless it’s not too hard, I could sweat a lot. I think it’s good for my body and skin. Thsesdays I’m interested in keeping my body healthy, because I feel I’m getting older😫omggggg

In the end, I took TOEIC exam last week! It was not more difficult than I had expected, but I didn’t have enough time to answer all the questions of the reading part… It’s necessary to read faster and faster for me!! Maybe I will try it again. About listening training, I often listen to Podcast “Daihon nashi Eikaiwa”, which is very usuful for studying English for Japanese people.

Bye next time~😃







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