【COVID-19】Two masks from Japanese government. アベノマスクが届いた!!質は?【コロナ】

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Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Japan are more than 13,000, but It is gradually decreasing at the moment. Although it’s decreasing, we should still stay at home and protect ourselves.

Japanese government distribute masks.

Due to lack of disposable masks, and also as a measure against corona virus, Japanese government has determined to distribute cloth masks to us. We called these masks “Abe no mask“.(=Masks of Japanese Prime Minister Abe)

They give 2 cloth masks to each household. This means even if family of 4, they will be able to be given only 2 masks. Masks will be not enough for some families. Moreover, the size of Abenomask seemed smaller than a disposable one.

Some people don’t think it’s a smart way because the delivery cost is high. In fact, budget for mask distribution is 46.6 billion JPY(=466 million USD) . Many people thought It is too much. However, I saw the news that It might cost much less than budget in reality.

Considering the above matters, Japanese people didn’t really agree with this measure, though anyone doesn’t publicly express their opinion or opposition as usual. I don’t like this Japanese babit including me.


Abe no mask is nice.

Then, finally they have begun to distribute masks to us, and I got them few days ago. I think most people don’t receive them yet, but I got them little earlier.

↓This is Abenomask from Japanese government.↓

They are better quality and bigger than I expected, and maybe they are better than most Japanese people expected. Cloth is thick, the size is not too small. It can be used repeatedly, because it’s washable.

↓The size is enough big and thick.↓


Thank you so much for the masks!!

Stay home.

The government also says “Don’t go out, stay home as possible as you can. Try to go to the supermarket at least once every three days.”


Thus I bought a lot of food at the supermarket. Until a few days ago, there is no toilet paper and tissue, but now there are enough stock at the shop. There is no masks yet.


I suppose that Japanese government’s movement is slower than other countries’, and also too careful, but they do their best for us. And what we should do is we all stay home now.

I hope it’s gonna be getting better soon🌏

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