A Crazy Typhoon has landed in Japan

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Hello there! This is mi.

As you know, a huge typhoon has landed in Japan( ;∀;) A typhoon often comes to Japan. That’s terrible.

I went a supermarket to buy some food before the typhoon comes, because electricity and water supply might stop. TV news said that.

When I went to a supermarket, there was just few food left. Meats, breads, vegetables, water, bento boxes, and rice balls were almost sold out.  I was really surprised.

Sushi and Bento box area

Meat area

Side dish area


Everyone did prepare for the typhoon. I bought cup noodles, rice balls, bento boxes, cup soups, snacks, sweets, and a bottle of tea. Actually I wanted to buy breads and water too, but they were all sold out!! OMG…..

A heavy rain warning appeared in 12 prefectures in Japan. This barely happened.

Some rivers flooded.

Also earthquake happened( ;∀;)

The trains and subways stopped running almost whole day.


What should we do before typhoon comes??

  • Don’t go out.
  • Don’t take your pet out.
  • Keep food and drinks for 2~3 days.
  • Keep water in bathtub.
  • Prepare a flashlight.
  • Charge the battery.
  • Prepare cash.
  • Prepare medicines.
  • (Tokyo) Download the Tokyo disaster prevention app. It can be used offline.


I hope that the damage will not increase any more.


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