【Planning Guide】Tokyo DisneySea★ 東京ディズニーシープランニングガイド★

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Hello, I’m mi 😛

I went to Tokyo DisneySea last week!!♡ I had a great time there…!! I have been there about 10 times so far. I think most of Japanese people have done it many times. Have you been there before??

I will write about a planning guide and tips about Tokyo DisneySea in this article. There is like a dream world for everyone…♡ Before you go there, would you read this article??


This is Tokyo travel guide↓Let’s check it as well!

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What is Tokyo DisneySea??

Tokyo DisneySea is one of theme parks in Japan. There are a lot of attractions, restaurants, and shops.

There are Tokyo DisneySea and DisneyLand in Disney Resort. DisneyLand is located next to DisneySea. This is older than DisneySea, and is also amazing. I will introduce it in another article later(^^)

Disney Resort is located at Keiyo line(京葉線), Maihama station(舞浜駅).

And then you can use Disney Resort Line too.


Actually, although this theme park is located in Chiba prefecture which is next to Tokyo, the name is Tokyo Disney Resort. hahaha

Let’s make a plan for DisneySea!!

1. Buy the entry ticket in advance.

You can buy the entry ticket by 4 ways. Advance ticket is fixed-date ticket or open ticket.

<Fixed-date ticket>Choose park and the date that you will go. You will be guaranteed admission at that day.

<Open ticket>You don’t have to choose the date. You can go there any day in one year. But it doesn’t guarantee admission when the park is too crowded.

How to buy it is below.

  1. Buy the advance ticket in the web site .
  2. Go to the entrance and buy the entry ticket at that day. ※If there are too many visitors, you sometimes may not be able to enter.
  3. Buy the advance ticket at some Disney stores in the city.
  4. Buy the advance ticket at some convenience stores, major travel agency and major JR(Japan Railway) station window.

I definitely recommend ①. That way is easy and you can choose fixed-date ticket.

2.Go there early!

The opening time depends on the day. You can check it in the web site.

I recommend that you should arrive there until 30 min before DisneySea opens.

For example, if the opening time is 9:00 am to 10:00 pm, you should arrive there until 8:30 am.

Because you can get “fastpass”, which is like a priority ticket, of the most famous attraction in the early morning. This will be sold out quickly.

I arrived there late last week, so I couldn’t get it. haha

3.Get “Fastpass” as soon as possible.

Fastpass is like a priority ticket. If you have it, you can ride attractions quickly without waiting for long time.

Basically you have to wait for riding some attractions. In the case of popular attractions, you sometimes have to wait for 2 hours to 3 hours (゚∀゚) I usually see a looong queue.

Especially in Summer, it is too hard to wait for it outside… That’s why fastpass is very useful ticket.

You can get it in Disney Resort application. You should download it when you go there. It also shows you waiting time of each attraction.

4.Get a headband! Get ready for enjoying this dream world☆

There are many kinds of headband. Look at these pictures! You can be Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald duck, and so on!

Most of visitors wear a headband. You can never see like this scene at any other places in Tokyo. haha


During Halloween season, many people wear some costume.

This is very interesting!


5.Ride various attractions!

There are many attractions. I will introduce some of popular attractions.

Soaring:Fantastic Flight

This is the newest attraction in DisneySea! Too many people always wait for this.

I recommend that you should get this fastpass first!

You can experience an amazing flight journey. This is miracle of modern technology.


Toy Story Mania!

This is a very popular attraction as well.

Play some shooting game with boarding. Let’s ride it and race with your friends.


Tower of Terror

Do you like falling?? Board the elevator and experience fear.

I really love this attraction.


Indiana Jones Adventure

Ride the car and escape the Crystal Skull. This is high speed and shaky.

Experience exciting journey. I ride this every time!


Journey to the Center of the earth

Go to under ground with riding a vehicle. Be careful of danger.

You will feel high speed and fallen.


Raging Spirits

This is a exciting roller coaster with a 360° loop.

It is located near to Indiana Jones Adventure.


20,000 Leagues under the Sea

Go under the sea with riding a submarine.

I think kids can ride it because it’s not really scaring.


Arabian Coas

Arabian Coast is an area which expresses Arabia such as Aladdin or Arabian Night.

This is one of Instagram photo spot(*^^)v

There are some attractions for adults and also children and restaurants and shops.

I like this area at night.

Mermaid Lagoon

Mermaid Lagoon is an inside area which expresses Little mermaid’s world. There is so beautiful.

There are some attractions for adults and also children and restaurants and shops as well.

When outside is cold or hot, I usually stay there. haha

6.Watch parade.

DisneySea hold some big parades outside and also inside. Parades depend on the season.

Big Band Beat” is one of my favorite show. Disney characters play the band, which is exciting. You can get the seat ticket in the app if you are lucky.

Fantasmic!” on the sea at night is so beautiful.

Sometimes you can see fireworks at night. It is really romantic.

7.Eat and drink! Alcohol is available in only DisneySea.

Lunch, dinner, snacks, sweets, chicken, popcorn…

Micky shaped and character motif meal is soooo cute♡

You can drink alcohol in DisneySea. There is no alcohol in DisneyLand.

You should take a rest with some cute food(*´ω`)

8.Get cute souvenirs!

There are lovely dolls, character goods and yummy snacks for souvenir. All of them are attractive.

I always buy some souvenir despite I don’t plan to buy.

9.Where to stay??

I will introduce 4 Disney hotels which are Disney motif hotel. Those who stay these hotels can enter the park 15 min before it opens!! It’s one of big advantages.

<Disney Hotels>

  • Disney Ambassador Hotel (This is located middle of DisneyLand and DisneySea and the oldest.)
  • Tokyo DisneySea hotel MiraCosta (This is located in DisneySea.)
  • Tokyo Disneyland hotel (This is located nearby DisneyLand and luxury.)
  • Tokyo Disney Celebration Hotel (This is the cheapest and latest.)

If you have a plan to go to DisneySea, I recommend MiraCosta! This is in DisneySea. You can see the view of DisneySea and go there easily.

Hotel Mira Costa

DisneyLand Hotel

There are also some official hotels or partner hotels near by Disney Resort.

How to enjoy more!

  • Find Micky shape!! Micky hides at some places.
  • Celebrate your birthday!! You can get a birthday sticker from any staff. Many staff will say to you “Happy Birthday!!Have a good day!!” when they see your sticker.
  • Take wonderful photos at “photo spot”. You can find photo spot sign.

Make your day happy!

Thank you for reading. Would you like to go to DisneySea more than before??

When you come to Tokyo, when you celebrate some anniversary, when you want to make your day special, let’s go there with people you like (^^)

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