Useful Japanese Phrases & Examples 英語にない便利な日本語

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Otsukaresama~~!! I am mi(*^^)v

Today I write about some unique Japanese language, because sometimes there is no way to express in English. When I lived in Australia, I was wondering how to say these Japanese in English 🙄  In addition, I introduce useful Japanese language that we usually use. (/・ω・)/

I know some of Korean language. Japanese and Korean are very similar. Even if there is no way to express in English, sometimes Korean has similar word. I introduce them too.

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Japanese that does not exist in English

Otsukaresama おつかれさま( `ー´)ノ

We usually say “otsukaresama(desu)”(politely) or “otsukare!”(casually) when we meet someone. Otsukare means tiring. For tired person, we can say it. This means “You did/worked well.”, “Thank you for your hard work.”, and also “Good bye.”. We also use it for just greeting as well.

For example, in some company,,,

You did well in that meeting today, Otsukaresama.

Otsukaresamadesu. Thank you for your compliment. I will do my best at next meeting too!

Among friends,,,

I took an English exam in my university today. I am tired!

Otsukare~~~! How was it??

In Korean, we can say 수고하셨습니다!

Mendokusai めんどくさい(*´Д`)

For lazy people, this word is very useful! When we don’t want to do something, we don’t feel like do it, we say “Mendokusai”. This means “It’s too much hassle.“, “I can’t be bothered.”, and “I don’t feel like ○○.”.

You have to clean your room right now!

Ohhhhh Mendokusai,,,,,,,,,

It’s too hassle to do it now.


Itadakimasu いただきます!(^^)!

Before we eat something, we say “Itadakimasu.” with putting our palms together. This means “I am going to eat it. Thanks for all involved this meal.

In Korean, we can say 잘 먹겠습니다!


Gochisosama ごちそうさま!(^^)!

Aftre we eat something, we say “Gochisosama.” with putting our palms together. This means “I finished eating it. Thanks for this delicious food.

In Korean, we can say 잘 먹었입니다!


Yoroshiku (onegaishimasu)  よろしくお願いします(^O^)

It’s difficult to explain this word in English,,,. We use this word in various situations such as when meeting someone, working with someone, making a request to somone, and after meeting.

This means “Nice meet you.”, “Let’s keep in touch.”I’m looking forward to working with you.”I’m counting on you.”, “Best regards.”, and “Thanks you in advance.”

For example, when working with someone,,,

Hello, I am ○○. Let’s make a plan of our job today. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu(Nice meet you/I’m looking forward to working with you).

I am ○○. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu(same as above). I have a good idea about this,,,,,

when we make a request to somone,,,

Can you come with me to the post office tomorrow??

Sure. No problem.

Thanks very much! Yoroshiku(thank you in advance) tomorrow!

After meeting,,,,

I really enjoyed with you today! Yoroshiku(let’s keep in touch) from now on.

Me, either! Yoroshiku(same as above) too!

In Korean, 잘 부탁합니다 is similar meaning!


Sasuga さすが(*´▽`*)

When we praise someone, we say it. This means “True to your reputation.”, That’s you.”, You sure can do it well.“, and “That’s great as expected.“.

I passed the level up test!!

Really?? I heard it’s very difficult, but I know you are smart, Sasuga ○○(name)!!

In Korean, we can say 역시 !


Ganbatte がんばって( `ー´)ノ

When we would like to cheer up or encourage someone, we say it. This means “Cheer up.”, “You can do it.“, “Do your best.”, and “Good luck.

I want to win the next sumo match!!

Ganbatte!! I believe you can do it!!

In Korean, we can say 화이팅! or 힘내!

Chan ちゃん / Kun くん / San さん / Sama さま (=゚ω゚)ノ

These are kind of suffixes expressing a closeness or respect. When we call someone, we use them after someone’s name like Ms. or Mr.

Chan ちゃん For female friends
Kun くん For male friends
San さん For Superiors, older people, business partner, people who don’t know much
Sama さま For Customers

Useful Japanese that we usually say

Sugoi すごい(≧▽≦)

We use it for a emphasis or adjective. This means very, super, wonderful, amazing, awesome, incredible, and oh my god!

I ate 3 ramen for lunch today!

wow!! Sugoi(incredible)!!!!

That’s why I’m sugoi(very) full…


Yabai やばい(´゚д゚`)

This is adjective, similar to “Sugoi”. We mainly use it among friends. This means wonderful, amazing, awesome, incredible, and oh my god! On the other hand, this word has negative meanings such as damn, too bad, terrible, insane and what the hell.

When we got up at the meeting time by mistake,,,,

Where are you now?? It’s already time to meet.

Yabai(What the hell)!! I just got up now,,, so sorry.


Kawaii かわいい(♡∀♡)

Japanese girls always say it to everything.haha This is also adjective which means cute, lovely, adorable, sweet, and charming.

Look at that cat!


How do I look today??



Language is interesting!! Even if you are not Japanese, let’s use these Japanese word as if you are Japanese(^_-)-☆




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